Love is Chaos
This is my new series Chromatic. A huge thanks to everyone who took part in this series… Imagination is the idea of excellence art is the act of creating it!

Odd things happen at the Salton Sea this was a tough tough shoot Ali passed out from heat stroke Garret dislocated my shoulder by hitting me with a pipe during the video and there were about 20 000 fish that were dead on the beach when we got there the heat was so intense it made the cameras freeze up so I had to cover them to make them work. One of the worst shoots I have ever had with one of the best results THE SALTON SEA is insane! Garret was a trooper and Ali stayed alive after passing out the first time even Garret who once jumped off a bridge for me asked me if what we were doing was safeā€¦

This one took blood sweat and tears also about 2 gallons of gatorade and a lot of sunscreen. This was awful awful awful and everyone was really pissed at me until they saw the results!